Artist Statement

Kathryn believes that art is not something that she does, it is part of who she is.

She was born in Belfast in 1974 and moved to Bath in 2009. Her practice includes working in wood and metal. The industrial appeal of the metal and tactility of the wood interest her. The medium is dictated by the subject. She wants her practice to have a primal feel that has impact.

She considers the theme of human ‘yearnings’ in her practice, be it lust or the desire for longevity. Her work is very much influenced by her Pagan spirituality. She is interested in mythology particularly Celtic and more recently, Roman, in relation to being in Bath. It ties her individual pieces of work together into a practice. Recently she has been looking at Roman history and mythology and created her own versions of fascinating. She has been working not only in wood and metal but also casting fascinating in resin to create modern day amulets similar in design to this the Romans would carry with them to ward off sickness.

It is her intention to challenge perceptions of the human condition, to confront ‘yearnings’ and bring an element of humour to the work. She hopes that people will look at her practice and question the spirituality behind it, perhaps even learn something new from the work.