Artist Statement

Kathryn believes that art is not something that she does, it is part of who she is. Her spirituality is very much woven into her artwork and indeed her thought processes.

She was born in Belfast in 1974 and moved to Bath in 2009. Her practice includes oil painting landscapes of sacred sites which are important to her. She has also tackled the issue of the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland during her Foundation Art and Design course.

Her work includes not only painting and photography but also elements of sculpture, textiles, performance art and film making. She has a keen interest in documenting her photographic subjects and favours a journalistic style of photography.

Performance is the direction her work is now taking, she makes her own costumes and tackles subjects such as the Morrigan, a Celtic goddess of death, where she interacts with the audience. To her, the audience reactions are important to the work.