Alumni Talk by Ellie Shipman

On the 5th May Ellie Shipman held a Creative Community Engagement workshop at Sion Hill. We looked at ways to involve people in your art practice, explored socially engaged art at learnt about working creatively within communities and art education.


We were all asked to write down information about our practice and what we eventually wanted to get out of our creative process. We then had to pin what we had written to the wall and look at everyone else’s pieces to see where there were similarities to our own method of working. Then we got lengths of wool and joined up our own writing to a person we had something in common with. It was great fun to do and it was interesting to see where there were crossovers between works of different media.

We learned a lot about working within different communities and about how to set about obtaining funding. We also learned about working with children and vulnerable adults. I found this workshop not only entertaining but very helpful as I gained much useful information regarding the logistics of working within communities for example.