Degree Show Set Up


From Monday 15th May until Friday 19th May we assisted the third year students in setting up their degree show. Myself and a few others began by helping Genevieve prepare her space. The walls were very messy with brightly coloured paint everywhere. First we had to sand off as much as possible before applying a coat of stain blocking paint. Then finally using rollers to apply white paint to the walls.

I helped other students to as needed, preparing walls and sanding floors as well as helping to hold things in place. I also used power tools to drill holes into the thick concrete walls in FA5. I used to be nervous of using power tools, now I have no problem with using them as I feel much more confident having being given the appropriate inductions into their use.

I very much enjoyed seeing the show come together and talked to some of the students about their work. It was interesting to hear where they get their inspiration from, what motivates them and which artists influence them.