Year 2 Professional Practice

As part of my professional practice module I organised a retro disco and raffle on 23rd March 2018 in aid of Cancer Research UK. This is a charity that is particularly close to me as I myself have survived breast cancer and wanted to give something back, without the help of charities such as Cancer Research UK I might not have had such a positive outcome .

This project involved a lot of networking with local businesses in order to obtain donations of raffle prizes. Something I found difficult at first as I get nervous but I found my confidence grew the more I talked to people and the more donations I got. I found that small independent shops were the most likely to donate as chain stores either have their own charities they donate to or tell me I need to email head office. I wrote a letter explaining what I was doing and why and managed to get the following donations.

Below, some of the raffle prizes.


£20 John Moore Sports voucher, £10 Hair Zone voucher, Coffee and cake for two at the Columbian coffee company, dinner for two with wine at the Lamb and Lion, scarves and teddy bear from Orange Grove gift shop, set of paints from Minerva Art Supplies, handmade candle from Waller and Wood, two hours in karaoke both at The Cork, bottle of wine from Wolf Wine, Cure album from Resolution Records and vouchers for the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum and Victoria Gallery. I also raffled t-shirts and chocolates and DVDs. There were also two prizes for best retro dressed. I sold the tickets for £1 per strip of five which was excellent value considering that I had some great prizes.

I felt overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of local businesses who donated the prizes and made sure they got a mention on the night when I was calling out the winners.

I enlisted the help of James Harriman student DJ for the music and lighting which everyone seemed to enjoy. He had liaised with me about playlists and type of music and did an excellent job.


The evening was a great success and from the raffle I managed to raise £89.64, the Raising and Giving staff at Newton Park told me that it is the most money raised for a good cause this year.

On reflection I would have allowed more time to sell raffle tickets perhaps I should have spent more time over at Newton Park to do this as it is a much larger campus than Sion Hill. I am planning to host another fundraising evening for Cancer Research UK in the near future, however, I might hold it outside of the University as I feel I may raise more money that way.

Although a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK may not directly have anything to do with Fine Art, I learned important networking skills and management skills as I organised the whole event myself. I learned a lot about time management and that I need to allow for more time than I think I need if I am to raise as much money as possible. I also learned how to approach people for donations in a confident manner and did not get discouraged at refusals.


Project 2 ‘Pitch It’ and Bath Spa Award with Enterprise

In April 2018 I entered the Bath Sparks ‘Pitch It’ competition. This involved firstly outlining what I plan to do, I was then invited to pitch my idea in front of a panel. For this I had to produce a powerpoint presentation and talk about my business idea.

My idea was to produce perspex jewellery, I had researched similar businesses such as Tatty Divine and realised that I could produce a quality product at a lower price point.

Despite having done my research and rehearsing my powerpoint presentation I was still visibly nervous, however, I soon relaxed into the presentation and was able to answer every question the panel put to me without hesitation.

A few days later I was delighted to be informed that I had been awarded £200 to help start my business idea I also received a certificate to say that I had won the ‘Pitch It’ competition.

I was also awarded the Bath Spa Award with Enterprise for which I had to undertake a number of tasks such as attending seminars, attending networking events, and completing an online dashboard to show examples of networking, making the most of technology such as Instagram and Linkedin. I also attended a seminar where we had to do tasks both alone and in a team. I learned a lot about team working and how to listen to people, especially when some may be reluctant to speak up at first.

Again I had to pitch my idea for the perspex jewellery to a panel using a power point presentation and showing examples of the work and this time was awarded £300 towards my start up. Being awarded money for start up was a huge confidence boost, I really feel my idea will be viable and I will be working on it throughout June and during the summer.

Doing the Bath Spa Award with Enterprise has taught me a lot about networking, and I have learned how to get the most benefit from using technology. I have also learned how to work better with others and my confidence has really benefited from doing the award, I would recommend that more students should engage with the awards as they teach you a lot and are very worthwhile.