Professional Practice

Using WordPress was not something I had attempted before so I found the drop in sessions very useful when creating my website. I found the taught sessions to be very helpful. These sessions got me thinking as to what direction my work was taking.

For part of my professional practice module I arranged for Youth from the band Killing Joke to give a talk at the Student’s Union in Newton Park. The biggest challenge was actually finding the right person to talk to in order to arrange this. I found the Student’s Union very helpful who put me in touch with Diane, the bar manager of the Union so I was able to book the Union for the event. I actually paid Youth’s travel expenses and for refreshments on the day out of my own pocket, this I was happy to do in order to have such a special guest doing a talk.

The talk took the form of an interview. I had prepared a Powerpoint presentation to use as reference points during the talk. Youth talked about his artwork, music production, his time with Killing Joke and his writing.

Professional Practice has helped build confidence in myself. I suffer from bi-polar disorder and have anxiety issues so interviewing Youth on stage was a great challenge for me. It was an experience we both enjoyed as we had a good rapport and I soon relaxed into the event.

See Youth’s talk here


For the next part of my Professional Practice module I have organised exhibition space at  St James’s Wine Vaults in Bath from 3rd June. I managed to find another student who would like to exhibit alongside my work and I have been working on flyers and posters for this exhibition. I have exhibited there before so was familiar with what space was available and for how long. One of the advantages of exhibiting there is that they do not take commission off work sold and as it is a pub, there are a lot of passing customers who visit the gallery space.

I feel that the taught sessions have helped me to clarify as to what direction I am taking. At first I was unsure if performance art was the way forward. Having learned from the taught sessions and from speaking to other performance artists I have learned that this is a direction I should continue to explore and I will be looking for opportunities where I can practice my performance work.